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Summer and spring are desirable seasons for big fat odia weddings. The weather is great and everything feels more calming and nice. This is a wonderful time to celebrate a special occasion such as a wedding. Here are the tips you need to organize the perfect summer wedding and keep your dream wedding fulfilled.
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The important is that you already know the details from our website i.e. Odialagna.com. and the rest are as follows:


For day events, choose a light and airy theme for your wedding décor. Now more people prefer something that has a modern theme rather than sticking to a traditional Indian theme especially of our odia tradition. Of course, the most important traditional elements are still included to perfect an Odia wedding. Take pastel colors and combine them with flowers like mogra, calendula and jasmine. Marigold adds color to the entire color composition. If you want to find something original and nice, you can use an artificial fountain. Fountains will refresh in hot summer climates. You can use bright colored chiffon with some golden dishes for the perfect combination of modern and traditional styles. We recommend using colors like pink, yellow and orange as this is a combination of traditional themes but also makes it festive and modern.

For evening time, you can try new trends by creating a special theme. You can create a theme by adding vintage lanterns, hooks, and a low seat. You can also use multiple colored pillows for the whole space. The addition of wax and floating flowers makes it perfect.

It's always been difficult for women to choose the perfect wedding ensemble. Why? Because women want to wear something comfortable, graceful and elegant at the same time. You also have to consider the hot climate. Wear comfortable dresses in light fabrics and soft colors. When designing your outfit, remember to keep it simple and elegant with a little gold for a nice look.

Make sure your makeup is natural and subtle, and focus on your lips and eyes with bold eye shadow and lipstick colors. And here it is upstairs, always keep wet wipes and transparent powder with you, it will be easier to touch your makeup.

In Bhubaneswar, the climate is very hot and from April to June it gets very humid. You should choose an air-conditioned banquet or party hall: the best place for a summer wedding. You can personalize your room by adding subtle perfumes, fresh flower arrangements and a dazzling central element.

If you're planning on having an outdoor party, consider looking for a place with a pool. The pool is a very relaxing atmosphere and you get a cool aqua color. And if you're not a big fan of swimming pools, you can go somewhere near a lake or a beach resort so you can have a combination of indoor and outdoor pool.

You can go for the grilled variety of course because it is an option that will always be loved by everyone. You should save a large selection of drinks during the summer. It's important to have a pot of good cook. Be touch with us and plan your wedding at odialagna.com