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The culture and tradition of Odia marriage

 culture and tradition of Odia marriage
Odias have diverse cultures and traditional rituals which they divide into different castes, gotras, regions and prefer marriage in their communities. We are here to offer you the perfect setup.

There are several rituals that are part of a perfect Odia marriage. It is better explained as follows:

The marriage begins with the kanyadaanam ceremony. A special structure is prepared, which will be decorated with the help of beautiful flowers and leaves. In this traditional ritual, girls are passed down from their father to the groom. Holy flames were ignited while priests chanted mantras. Seven different piles of rice were made. This pile represents the seven hills that were cut off during the Saptapadi ritual.

The couple then made seven turns around the holy fire; The fire is witness to the entire marriage and the seven vows that the young couple makes. During this special custom, the father of the bride gives the groom the hand of his beloved daughter to the father. The groom steps forward and promises to look after the bride for the rest of his life. This particular ritual is known as Hats Ganthi or Pani Grahanam.

After the bride’s hand is placed on the groom, a knot is tied. After these seven vows, the bride becomes part of her husband’s family and they are officially declared a life partner. The Khai Poda ritual is performed according to seven circles around the holy fire. In this ritual, a pippriek is offered on a fire, symbolizing the arrival of Lakshmi, who symbolizes prosperity and prosperity.

After the wedding ceremony, several rituals are performed at the groom’s house. It contains several games played between the bride and groom along with other family members to test their strength and intelligence. Most families today, although modern, seek out suitable partners for their child at this type of marriage and systematically perform all rituals.