Samaj Matrimony follows the most effective and unique method of match making service with the personalized touch. We have a large store of verified profiles with a dedicated team of Matrimonial Counsellors(MC) to assist the process. Our Process of match making is very simple and effective. We just connecttwo individuals or theri families interested in each other for a marriage proceeding. The personalised approach of match making counsellors is most effective for both desirous bride and groom profiles to proceed smoothly for a marriage.


(One - Way Match Making)

Silver Members shall be provide with verified contact details of desired profiles and may proceed with further discussions at their own efforts & convenience of opposite parties.


(Both - Way Match Making Solution)

Effective & Mutual communication between the prospect and the matching profiles shall be established; while ensuring positive response of both parts/ sides based on general search criteria such as age, caste, qualification, occupation.


(Broad~Way Match-Making)

Screening prospective matches, establishment of effective communication between the prospect and desiring profiles, based on certain search criteria such as: Horoscope, Qualification, Occupation, Family/ Social Status & preferences .


(Elite & Exclusive Match-Making)

Personalized & Dedicated Match making service with Customised solutions